Stephen Fry Autographs & Memorabilia

The 'national treasure' tag is applied to few. Actor, comedian, presenter, writer and polymath Stephen Fry thoroughly deserves his.

The course of treasuredom didn't exactly run smooth – Fry was expelled from two schools and was jailed for credit card fraud before he won a place at Cambridge where he met, and formed a lasting comedy partnership with, Hugh Laurie.

Hit TV shows followed, most notably Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster, but Fry's talents were never going to be restricted to just the one medium. Having already made a life-changing amount of money from penning the book for the hit West End misical 'Me and My Girl', Fry started writing novels and autobiographies that have managed to be both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

He also worked extensively in the theatre and in films before returning to TV to host the hugely popular panel show QI.

And still his list of talents goes stalwart, voice over artist, mental health and gay rights campaigner, technology champion, Twitter royalty and a director of Norwich City FC, Fry has packed so much into his life to date that he's earned the national treasure tag many times over.

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Stephen Fry Autographs & Memorabilia