Sir David Attenborough


When someone declares it was 'one of the most exciting encounters of my life', they could be talking about that night in Vegas with the three showgirls or that changing room encounter with the Leicester Tigers' front row.

But for Sir David Attenborough, it was all about his legendary time spent with a group of Rwandan mountain gorillas. For a wildlife presenter, it was Television gold and it cemented his place in the hearts and minds of the viewing public – a place he has remained for six amazing decades.

Sir David's affinity with both animals and the planet on which they live has shone through all his series, from Life on Earth through to Frozen Planet, and he has campaigned tirelessly to try and halt man's insatiable plundering of the world's natural resources.

In between times, he also managed a stint as Controller of BBC 2 in 1965 and oversaw the broadcasting of some of the country's, and occasionally, the world's most influential programmes – from Monty Python's Flying Circus to The Old Grey Whistle Test.

There aren't so many people who can be accurately described as a national treasure – Peter Kay maybe, or Freddie Flintoff at a push - but Sir David Attenborough is surely one of them.

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Sir David Attenborough