Karl Pilkington


Forget the title - the star of Television show An Idiot Abroad is anything but an idiot.

Instead, Karl Pilkington is a genius of unscripted, off the cuff comedy that looks easy but is devilishly hard to master.

Forever the butt of collaborator Ricky Gervais's jokes, Pilkington is happy to play the fool while being far from it.

Not that his career has always gone smoothly. As a producer on the London radio station XFM, Pilkington managed to reduce presenter Gail Porter to tears after criticising her work – he claimed he was only trying to encourage her.

He survived that episode and has carved out a niche for himself as a (sometimes) willing but always bewildered witness to some of the world's more weird and wonderful experiences.

And his superb acting debut in Gervais's 2012 comedy drama Derek proved that there's a whole lot more to Pilkington than the fool that many take him to be.

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Karl Pilkington

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