Bradford lad Steven Frayne has a taste for the impossible, performing feats of wonder under his stage name of Dynamo.

Dynamo is every inch the modern magician, performing close-up tricks and elaborately constructed illusions in front of street or public audiences often made up entirely of stunned celebrities.

And while his 'victims' try to work out exactly what they've just witnessed, Dynamo will just skulk away, wrapped up in his trademark dark hoodie.

His 'street' style has made magic relevant to younger audiences, but his skill has been recognised by more establishment forces, securing him entry to the Magic Circle in 2012.

His television show, Dynamo: Magician Impossible, is an award-winning affair and he has performed in front of rock royalty Coldplay and the real thing in the shape of Prince Charles – not bad for a Bradford council estate lad who has had to battle the bowel problem Crohn's disease on the way to becoming a star.

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