Being known for one role can be both a curse and a blessing for an actor.

But David Suchet isn't complaining. The London-born actor will forever be famous for his portrayal of Agatha Christie's preening perfectionist Poirot, the Belgian detective always happy to champion the analytical brilliance of his 'leetle grey cells'.

Suchet brought a twinkling charm and warmth to a role too often played with one-dimensional, almost stereotypical, mockery and the public loved him, and the show, for it. Poirot ran from 1989 to 2013 – testament to Suchet's mastery of the role.

Poirot has defined his career – he has played the role in adaptations of every single Christie work in which the Belgian appeared - but he has enjoyed a long and fruitful time as an actor on stage, television and in films.

And he comes from high-achieving stock – his brother John is the renowned presenter and newsreader.

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David Suchet

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