Ever fancied wrestling alligators? Using a dead sheep as a sleeping bag? Or maybe even drinking your own urine? No? Then let Bear Grylls do it for you.

The all-action survival king – think Ray Mears on steroids – has lived a life straight out of the pages of a Boy's Own adventure. As a child, he dreamed of climbing Everest and by the age of 24 he'd realised that dream. Impressive enough, you might think, but when you realise that he was almost paralysed in a parachuting accident 18 months beforehand, his achievement becomes even more remarkable.

He's travelled the globe to sample danger and then shown us how to survive it while we sit on our backsides watching it all on the telly. His life is like the very worst bush tucker trial from I'm A Celebrity... repeated day after day.

An SAS reservist while in the Territorial Army, the youngest ever Chief Scout, the holder of the world record for the longest indoor freefall (more than an hour and a half in a vertical wind tunnel) – Grylls has seen it, done it and then made a TV show about it.

Okay, so he might have stayed in the odd motel between filming survival scenes now and then, but Grylls is still a real-life, walking, talking Action Man and someone you'd definitely want on hand when the apocalypse kicks in.

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Bear Grylls

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