The earliest experimental electronic television sets were developed in the 1920s, featuring fuzzy black and white images and endless re-runs of Top Gear on Dave.

By the 1950s, the set had swept America and these days it is estimated that nearly four-fifths of all households in the world have a television.

TV still breaks much of the news and makes many a star. And we have any number of those stars from both sides of the Atlantic in our fantastic TV Memorabilia section.

From America, there's Angela Lansbury, the West Wing's Martin Sheen and the (British) star of The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln.

And from the UK, we have the Davids Attenborough, Jason and  Suchet and many of the cast of such huge international hits as Doctor Who and Downton Abbey.

Documentaries, drama, comedy and magic – it's all on the TV and in our dedicated TV section.

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