Tennis Memorabilia & Autographs

The French invented tennis, or at least a version of it in which players hit a ball around a court using the palm of their hand.

The name itself comes from the French word 'tenez', meaning to receive or take, and the game developed into its modern form slowly, with rackets being used in the 16th century and outdoor grass courts developed in Victorian Britain.

These days, the sport is a huge global enterprise, with the top men and women paid millions to play to millions.

Its unique scoring system often produces classic match-ups in which the advantage swings back and forth and the eventual winner can be close to defeat one minute, victorious the next.

Tennis has produced many of the world's greatest sporting icons, from Perry to Laver to Borg, and continues to do just that today, with the sport enjoying a golden age, particularly among the men.

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Tennis Memorabilia & Autographs