The British in India – whatever your political persuasion – broadened the Brits' horizons if nothing else. It gave us (among many other things) ketchup, curry, juggernauts and kedgeree.

And it was where snooker was invented, by British officers bored with the limitations of billiards.

Fast forward a century and a half and the game has gone from officer class to working class to global game – what bet a Chinese world champion in the next decade?

Television was the making of the game, especially in colour, and in its 1980s heyday millions tuned in to watch – 18.5 million staying up after midnight to see the conclusion of the 1985 world final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis.

The smoky snooker club old guard of Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins was replaced by a more focused era dominated by Stephen Hendry before today's new wave – all practice and professionalism and epitomised by the likes of Judd Trump and Mark Selby - moved in.

And probably the best of them all, Ronnie O'Sullivan, has ensured snooker remains as exciting as it's ever been.

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