Tom Baker


Liverpool-born actor Tom Baker probably thought he'd hit the big time when he played the role of Rasputin in the 1971 film Nicholas and Alexandra. His performance earned him two Golden Globe nominations and his Film career looked set to blossom from there.

But the fickle nature of the acting world meant that Baker was working on a building site when he secured the role, on Television, that would guarantee Baker a place in the acting pantheon.

As the fourth Doctor Who, Baker became a global star. He brought a wild and devilish sense of eccentricity and danger to the sci-fi role, as well as a long, long scarf and a penchant for jelly babies.

His idiosyncratic take on the character really chimed with the viewing public and he is often voted the best Doctor Who of them all. But younger viewers probably know him better as the narrator on the BBC comedy show Little Britainanother role to which Baker has brought his own brand of professional madness.

Still going strong into his eighties, Baker's Doctor Who journey came full circle when he appeared in the 50th anniversary show as the mysterious curator. By the time the show hits 100, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Baker still being voted one of the best Doctors of them all.

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Tom Baker

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