Sir Cliff Richard


A long time ago in a Britain far, far away, Cliff Richard was an edgy, lip-curling singer, the UK's answer to Elvis, a sex symbol and rebel.

How times have changed although, spookily, the Peter Pan of Pop hasn't.

At 70+ and counting, Cliff is still the epitome of youthful energy and still hugely successful. Despite being about as cool as a hot day in hell, Cliff sells out venues (and out of calendars) year after year – since 1958 to be precise.

That was the year he released 'Move It' and introduced staid old ration book Britain to the dangerous intoxications of American rock 'n' roll.

His career has been record-breaking ever since.

He is only one of two people (the other, ironically, being Elvis) to have had a hit single in every one of the first six decades of the UK charts, from the 1950s to the 2000s. In that time, he's had 18 number ones and more than 130 singles, albums or EPs make it into the top 20.

Unmarried, maybe celibate, definitely Christian and a man who gives away ten per cent of his earnings to charity, Sir Cliff shows just how far you can go with talent and a punishing work ethic – even if you're never, ever going to be cool. Except for a brief period in 1958, that is.

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Sir Cliff Richard