Rod Stewart


If durability is one of the keys to becoming a Music legend, then Rod Stewart is already an all-time great.

London-born (but proudly Scottish), Rod has been lending his trademark 40-a-day rasping voice to hits since the sixties. And he's still going strong, both as a musician and in the world of celebrity Football matches, half a century later.

After a stuttering start, Rod began his rise up the musical ladder as vocalist with the Jeff Beck Group before hitting the big time as Faces front man and with his own burgeoning solo career.

His soulful gravelly voice leant itself perfectly to a variety of tunes and styles and the hits – by turns funky, rocky, folky and bluesy – kept on coming.

Even in the notoriously faddy world of pop, Rod's appeal has endured and his 2013 album, Time, proved this by charting at number one.

One question remains unanswered in an otherwise unquestionably successful career – what would have happened if he had taken up the offer to sing in a fellow school mate's band? The mate was Ray Davies. The band was The Kinks. The possibilities mouth-watering.

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Rod Stewart