Robert Englund


For an actor who tended to end up being typecast in nice-guy roles, Robert Englund's most famous role was as far removed from nice as it could possibly be.

Because for eight money-spinning Films, Englund played the disfigured child murderer Freddy Krueger in the global horror hit series A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Krueger was, quite literally, the stuff of nightmares, a grotesque killer who haunted his victims' dreams. But it was all an act – he was apparently so chatty and pleasant while being transformed into burns victim Krueger that it made the make-up artists' task that much trickier.

Before the Nightmare series catapulted him to global fame, Englund was best known for playing innocent alien Willie in the Television hit V.

And his career, while being defined by the Krueger role, has involved more than 100 film and TV appearances, a handful of directorial outings and even a run-out as himself in the hugely-popular Call of Duty video game series.

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Robert Englund