Raymond Briggs


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a watch of the animated weepy The Snowman on Television.

We have illustrator and author Raymond Briggs to thank for that.

Wimbledon-born Briggs started drawing cartoons from an early age – much to the disapproval of his father. Thankfully, he ignored his dad and went on to produce some all-time classic children's works.

As well as The Snowman, Briggs has created the irreverently grumpy Father Christmas, Fungus The Bogeyman and the more adult-oriented When The Wind Blows about a trusting working class couple's reactions to the horrors of nuclear war.

But it was the publication of The Snowman in 1978 that secured Briggs's place in the national consciousness. The book has no words, just beautifully rendered crayon drawings detailing the joy, wonder and sadly fleeting nature of Christmas. At the time, said Briggs, he wanted 'to do something which was clean, pleasant, fresh and wordless and quick.'

The result was a creation that will live on for many a Christmas to come.

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Raymond Briggs