Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan, Renaissance Man?

It seems unlikely until you realise the Hong Kong-born action hero is not just a Hong Kong-born action hero but also a comedian, producer, director, screenwriter, singer, entrepreneur and choreographer.

He's appeared in more than 150 films, mostly martial arts action romps and comedies.

His career was probably shaped very early on in his life. As a hyperactive child, his parents nicknamed him 'Cannonball' because he was always full-on and rolling around. Chan would later turn that questionable youthful talent into adult riches and stardom.

His early career as a stuntman earned him acting roles in martial arts movies, but it was in the action comedy genre that Chan would find his niche and earn him fame both at home and in Hollywood.

So, his main inspiration in life? It's got to martial arts legend Bruce Lee, hasn't it?

Nope. It's silent movie icon Buster Keaton – another all-action comedy legend who did all his own stunts.

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Jackie Chan