Eric Bristow



Eric Bristow always went for the different approach - in his playing style, his cockiness and his talent for ruffling feathers and shaking things up.


Whether he was loved or loathed, he always delivered. Five World titles and countless other major tournament victories marked him out as the number one player when darts was king in the 1980s.


A terrible case of the 'yips' (or 'Dartitis' as they called it) meant a slow and depressing fall down the rankings from the late 80s onwards, but he still used his influence to lead the breakaway to the new Professional Darts Corporation in the 90s and found time to unearth the game's greatest ever player - Phil 'The Power' Taylor - and mentor him to multiple World titles.


More recently, Bristow found fame again when he finished fourth on the 2012 series of 'I'm A Celebrity...', ruffling many more feathers as he went.


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Eric Bristow