David Tennant


If Christopher Eccleston ensured that the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who was a hit with both critics and fans alike, it was David John McDonald who secured the show's status as an international phenomenon.

David who now? David Tennant, to give him his stage name.

Tennant brought a younger, lighter and more energetic touch to the Time Lord role, earning him a legion of (mainly female) fans during his five-year stint on the BBC show.

Not that Tennant can't do dark just as well – his stage, television and film roles highlight just how versatile the man is. From the small-screen lead in Casanova, to the big-screen Harry Potter baddy Barty Crouch Junior all the way through to portraying Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Tennant has enjoyed both critical and commercial success.

So is there anything Tennant hasn't done? Well, he's yet to crack Hollywood and bring an Oscar back to his native Scotland. The way Tennant's career has gone thus far, you wouldn't bet against it.

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David Tennant