The Fab Four had, according to many, a fifth member – Sir George Martin, 'The Fifth Beatle'.

From the early cheeky boy days of Love Me Do through to the grown-up tripped-out White Album, Martin produced (and often arranged) The Beatles' work, turning them from raw hopefuls to a worldwide phenomenon.

The start of their relationship was less then promising, however. After listening to, and being unimpressed by, the Liverpool lad's four-song audition, Martin asked each Beatle if there was anything they personally didn't like about the session. George Harrison replied 'Well, there's your tie, for a start,', the others joined in with jokes and banter and it was their wit that finally convinced Martin that the band had something about them.

The rest was pop music history.

His relationship with John Lennon was often strained and Lennon was less than enamoured with the 'Fifth Beatle' tag given to Martin.

But there is no doubt that without Martin's help and expertise, The Beatles' transformation from beat-pop wannabes to the biggest band of them all wouldn't have come so soon, if at all.  

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Sir George Martin