Liverpool – home of the nicer end of the pop spectrum. Manchester – home of some of rock and pop's more dark and troubled bands. And home to perhaps the most Manc band of them all- The Stone Roses.

Front man Ian Brown's early music career was heavily influenced by punk stalwarts The Clash, Sex Pistols and Manchester's own Slaughter and the Dogs.

He began by playing bass, only to sell the instrument to buy a scooter instead. By 1983, the 20-year-old was co-singer in The Waterfront, the band that would eventually evolve to become The Stone Roses.

The Roses epitomised the Brit Pop and Madchester music scenes of the late 80s/early 90s and their debut album was an instant classic that stands the test of time and many, many repeat listens.

The band's legendary Spike Island gig in 1990 was attended by 27,000 fans, although about a million more have since claimed to have been there. It was 'Woodstock for the baggy generation' and elevated the group to such lofty heights that their second album was bound to suffer as a result.

It did and the sense of anti-climax, legal wrangles between record companies and the refuelling habits of certain band members led to the Roses' split in 2006.

Brown went on to enjoy an understated, if occasionally successful, solo career before the Roses re-formed in 2011. The almost hysterical reaction to the news proved just how enduring the appeal and mystique of Brown and his band remains.

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Ian Brown

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