Dr Who


It's one of the biggest argument-starters of them all – right up there with 'Is there a god?' and 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?'

So, who is the greatest Doctor Who of them all?

The jelly-babied maverick Tom Baker? The hard-edged franchise rebooter Christopher Eccleston? Or the near-manic but always cool David Tennant? None of them? Perhaps Colin Baker then, although War Doctor John Hurt will probably get more votes...

Since 1963, the ever so British Time Lord from Gallifrey has been defeating intergalactic villains while toying with the very fabric of time and space and children across the world have hidden behind their sofas to watch him do it.

We have a galaxy of Doctor Who stars' memorabilia for sale, including 100% authentic high quality items hand-signed by some of the biggest and best assistants – think Billie Piper and K9 – as well as exquisite pieces autographed by the Time Lord himself. And, of course, himselves.

Dr Who