At Up North Memorabilia, we only sell 100% Genuine and Authentic high quality hand-signed photographs, shirts and other collectable items.

All our Framed Shirts & Photos come in beautifully finished and very durable picture frames with a perspex front.

Why don't we use glass? The simple answer is because the courier services we use to deliver items to our customers will not insure any glass or ceramic items. So we use perspex to protect your product while also providing you with peace of mind.

Perspex is as durable as glass but, to some, not as aesthetically pleasing. You might wish, therefore, to have your print or shirt re-glazed once it has been delivered to you. We would love to provide a glazing service for our customers, but as mentioned earlier, this would compromise the insurance protection provided by the trusted courier services we work with.

Once your Up North product has reached you, please remember to treat it with the respect and care it needs.

An autographed product should never be displayed:

·         In 'sun-trap' rooms such as conservatories

·         In any place where direct sunlight is likely to fall upon it

·         In a room, such as a kitchen or bathroom, where damp or condensation is likely to be a factor

We also strongly recommend that the Certificate of Authentication (COA) we provide with each product is kept with your item at all times.

A COA from Up North Memorabilia is your guarantee of an item's 100% authenticity. Any item that does not come with a COA – its unique provenance – from a trusted and well-established company such as ourselves is simply not worth the paper it is printed on. For more information on COAs please Click Here.

Please take the time to browse our online store, we have over 25,000 Autographs in Stock and new items are added daily - there is something here for everyone. Happy Autograph hunting!


Take Care,

The Up North Memorabilia Team